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Take your business to the next level by optimally adjusting your IT environment. The specialists at Byte Limited know how to get it done and happy to help you with that, with the ICT services we are providing. Our IT services focus on all businesses from small to large, which we always offer the ideal IT solution

Our office is based in Sierra Leone, but our services goes beyond the Sierra Leone borders in to the outside world.

  • Sofware Development
  • ICT Consultancy
  • Data Science
The team provides cutting-edge software solutions ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Mobile App development, Business Softwares, Embedded Systems, Integration systems, etc that can be customized to your specific needs.
Data is a business asset beyond imagination...

At Byte Limited, we believe in the huge potential of data and the huge amount of insight to get from it. We help our clients to derive meaningful insights from data and apply those insights in a way that benefits the business/organization. Most companies in this part of the world do not have data analysts who mine insights on behalf of their companies, and data literacy happens when the majority of employees have data at their fingertips. Aside from data analytics, we implore tools and technology that helps our clients to think critically about data, so they can understand when it’s useful and when it’s not.
We offer bespoke software development and consultancy services to different companies and organizations. We specialize in web application design, programming, database design and administration, and network administration. We develop custom solutions based on the client’s needs.
We provide Software as a Service Products and help businesses migrate to the cloud which helps them to focus on initiatives that grow their businesses while we deliver the innovation, speed, savings, and compliance that can be difficult to manage in an on-premise environment. We leverage new and emerging cloud technologies in order to provide cost-effective computing options for our clients with efficiency and a robust security mechanism in mind.